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Fair Trade and Organic Cotton Opened the World to This Brazilian Company


Based in Petrópolis, a city in the Brazilian southeastern state of Rio de Janeiro, textile mill Razão Social (Social Reason) has found in fair and ethical trade the opportunity to grow and reach out to markets beyond the borders of Brazil. With only two years of existence, the manufacturer has already opened its own store and exports to France on a regular basis. Now, the aim is to reach new destinations. (more…)

Fair trade a fair shake for farmers


The fair trade certified coffee market is not only fairer to farmers than the conventional coffee market, it is a uniquely remarkable way to stimulate economic growth in some of the poorest communities on the Earth.

My perspective is in direct contrast to an opinion column by Gene Callahan that appeared on this page Aug. 14. (more…)

Peru expanding role as specialty coffee leader

- Reuters

LA MERCED, Peru, Aug 18 (Reuters) – Coffee production in Peru, the world’s largest exporter of organic coffee, is booming as growers focus on quality, develop niche markets and find ways around walls that can block growth.

After starting his farm four years ago, Peruvian coffee farmer Oscar Chavez, 32, has transformed his organic project into a viable business. He stood on the top ridge of his fair-trade field recently, gazing at plants bursting with fire red and yellow berries, and saw a bright future. (more…)

Feeling the heat of food security


Reforming the economics of food production and supply would be beneficial for a number of environmental and social problems, argues Peter Baker. A key issue, he says, is understanding the energy involved in putting food on your plate.

Global development, global debt, global warming, food miles, food security, food riots, peak oil, peak water…

What’s this got to do with small farmers and global food chains?

The answer is that all the issues mentioned above intersect over small farmers. (more…)

Wed 6pm Fair Trade SMores Happy Hour in Dolores Park


Meet with other fair trade supporters
and then go mess with the free trade bus tomorrow 9am

REMINDER: FAIR TRADE S’MORES HAPPY HOUR!  Wednesday, August 13 at 6:00 PM – Picnic Tables at Dolores Park in San Francisco

Bring Your Own: Graham crackers, marshmallows, something to roast marshmallows on (ie sticks, wire hangers), Fair Trade chocolate (which you can find near Dolores Park at stores like Global Exchange, Bi-rite, Rainbow, etc)* (more…)

College students involved in activism


HOUSTON — The Kent State shootings and other iconic protests of the 1970s are so last century. 

Student activists now are more likely to run recycling stations or deliver bottled water to day laborers. 

“It’s not really as much protesting as students taking charge,” said Murray Myers, a senior at the University of St. Thomas who runs the campus recycling program. “I guess protest was pretty popular in the ’60s. I see me and other students … doing positive things, rather than protesting.” (more…)

Parishes urged to form global-solidarity teams


Staff members in the Diocese of Rochester’s Catholic Relief Services office are encouraging parishes to form global-solidarity teams to help parishioners embrace their call to global solidarity and the preferential option for the poor. Local CRS staffers will be offering several orientation sessions in the next few months for parishioners interested in coordinating such teams in their own parishes.

It’s Only Fair – Shop smart to promote the American way


A high school friend once made me a birthday card. The once-folded printer paper was plastered with images of Bono, alone and with his aesthetically pleasing U2 bandmates. On the front, my friend identified a condition I’ve suffered from most of my life: Bononucleosis.


Jamaica giving up on export bananas – Local consumption triples foreign sales


Jamaica has virtually written off bananas as an export crop, and will be using the next five years to develop niche markets for the fruit and grow local consumption.

“The future of banana, for me, is primarily in local consumption, including local value-added,” said Agriculture Minister Dr Christopher Tufton. (more…)

Fairtrade Recognised by Consumers



A recent public survey conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ) indicates consumer recognition of the FAIRTRADE Label has now reached 36% in New Zealand, an increase from a similar survey conducted 2 years ago that showed just 2% recognition at that time. (more…)