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Monthly Archives: May 2008

San Francisco to Be Named an Official Fair Trade City


Dolores Park promises to be buzzing with more than the usual weekend activity this Saturday, May 10, 2008. In honor of World Fair Trade Day, TransFair USA, the Bay Area Fair Trade Coalition, the United Students for Fair Trade, Global Exchange, Oxfam America, Alter Eco Americas, Numi Teas, and Adina World Beat Beverages will host a celebration for the people of San Francisco. (more…)

A hot cup of socio-global awareness

- Tri-City Herald

A sweet, fruity aroma with full body and notes of flower and chocolate will greet the palates of visitors to Barracuda Coffee Co. in Richland this afternoon.

Cups of the Rwandan certified fair trade coffee from Doma Coffee Roasting Co., will be available to customers for free from 1 to 6 p.m. to celebrate Fair Trade Coffee Break, part of World Fair Trade Day today.

“We’re going to find the best coffee we can. If it’s fair trade, we’ll buy it, even if it costs a little more,” said Bill Pogue, Barracuda’s owner. (more…)

Fair trade emphasizes social justice over profits

- The Post and Courier

In a port city that’s been engaged in global commerce for centuries, the spotlight is shifting to fair trade.

Today is World Fair Trade Day, when supporters locally and the world over hold events to promote the work of craftsmen and producers in “minority worlds.”

The goal of the global network is to help ensure a living wage for workers who produce goods and commodities many consumers take for granted, such as coffee, tea and clothing. (more…)

Fairtrade awareness at 70 per cent high on World Fair Trade Day

- Smart Planet, UK

Fair trade versus organic? Sustainability versus fair trade? The old ethical shopping dilemma might just be on its way to being solved. It’s World Fair Trade Day today and this year’s theme is Fair Trade + Ecology.

Fair trade organisations all over the world are joining forces to show us that fair trade and sustainability almost always go hand in hand - so we consumers don’t have to compromise our green ideals by choosing fair trade. FLO standards prescribe sustainable farming methods and many clothing and craft companies encourage handmade products, which aren’t dependent on oil for manufacture. (more…)

World Fair Trade Day


Wednesday is World Fair Trade Day. The Chicago Fair Trade Organization will celebrate by launching a campaign to make Chicago a fair trade city.

That means engaging Chicagoans in purchases that are not only environmentally sustainable but also guarantee producers a living wage for their work.

Chicago Fair Trade is celebrating World Fair Trade this Wednesday at Daley Plaza. In addition to more than 20 vendors selling fairly traded gifts, home accessories and jewelry from more than 30 countries, Chicagoland residents will have the opportunity to learn how to support fair trade and help us make Chicago a fair trade city! (more…)

Get a free drink at Traditions Cafe, help make the world a better place

- The Olympian

This weekend, South Sound residents can enjoy a free cup of joe, tea or cocoa while supporting a global campaign for justice in trade with Third World countries.

Traditions Cafe & World Folk Art will offer the complimentary drinks Saturday as part of an international coffee break to celebrate World Fair Trade Day.

The Olympian caught up with Traditions owner Dick Meyer to talk about fair trade and the event. (more…)

Alleviating poverty; World Fair Trade Day being celebrated in Port Colborne and Welland this weekend

- Welland Tribune

World Fair Trade Day is being celebrated at the Caf‚ on Main with music, fair trade products for sale and information about how supporting fair trade can help alleviate poverty for workers in developing countries.

The event, which will be held Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., is being hosted in partnership with Notre Dame College School’s fair trade club and Jennifer Camplin of Fenwick Village Coffee Roasters. Patti Fagan, owner of Caf‚ on Main, said she was discussing World Fair Trade Day with Notre Dame religion teacher Carol Berkhout when she discovered students were hoping to have the record for the greatest number of fair trade transactions on fair trade day. (more…)

True Blue Coffee Roasters Celebrates World Fair Trade Day With 15% Off Every Coffee

- Open PR

True Blue Coffee Roasters, the Old Fields, West Virginia, Organic Fair Trade coffee roaster, announced today a coupon for 15% off its entire line of coffee to bring awareness to World Fair Trade Day, Saturday, May 10, 2008.

As part of True Blue’s World Fair Trade Day celebration, for 3 days beginning Thursday, May 8, 2008, online customers can save 15% off every order of True Blue’s Organic Fair Trade coffee by using the special coupon code: fairtradeday. (more…)

Green Mountain Coffee promotes Fair Trade joe

- The Boston Globe

Saturday is World Fair Trade Day, note the folks at Green Mountain Coffee, and these Vermonters are celebrating this red-letter day with a one-day sale on some of their certified Fair Trade coffees. (more…)

Fair trade fortnight aids poorer nations

-, New Zealand

An international campaign for justice in trade with Third World countries is being celebrated nationwide for the next two weeks.

Fair Trade Fortnight, which kicked off on Saturday, is a chance for people to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged producers through Trade Aid stores.

This year’s theme is environmental justice. (more…)