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UK leads Fairtrade shopping revolution as sales hit £560m


British consumers willing to pay more for ethical products are at the forefront of a global surge in fair trade, new figures reveal. UK sales jumped 72 per cent last year, from £325m to £560m, more than double the rise in Germany and France, according to the Fairtrade Foundation. (more…)

Fair Trade movement grows

- The Post, OH

Coffee and Chocolate.

For some students, these items can be bought in a vending machine or a gas station, but others make a conscious effort to get these goods from a fair trade distributor.

These proponents of fair trade, a market practice that creates work and wage standards in countries that have few labor laws, want coffee and chocolate producers in underdeveloped countries to profit from their labor. But some proponents of a free market economy say that trade restrictions hinder economic growth. (more…)

BBMG Deepens Expertise In CSR And Fair Trade With New Hires

- The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire

BBMG, a branding and marketing firm dedicated to connecting socially responsible companies to the conscious consumer, today announced that it is deepening its expertise in corporate social responsibility and fair trade with the respective hires of brand strategists Eve Smith and Benita Singh to its New York office. BBMG also announced the addition of two staff support roles in New York. (more…)

The destiny of Vermont…

- Rutland Herald, VT

For someone who grew up in New Jersey, “in farm country, but not on a farm,” Anthony Pollina has certainly been successful in facilitating a voice for Vermont’s farmers in the time he and his wife, Deb Wolf, have made Vermont their home — some 30 years now.

eBay to unveil fair-trade marketplace

- CNET News

Catering to a rising tide of socially-conscious shoppers, eBay this summer plans to help publicly launch, a marketplace for buying fair-trade products, according to Robert Chatwani, eBay’s general manager of the project.

eBay, in partnership with a separate fair-trade company World of Good Inc., has already built a community site for people interested in goods that are made of recycled materials or produced by fairly treated workers, for example. But the two organizations plan to open a shopping site that will cater to these “social change consumers,” Chatwani said here Tuesday at the Dow Jones Environment Conference. (more…)

Social responsibility priority for Fairhaven retailer

- The Bellingham Herald

Each week The Bellingham Herald takes a closer look at a business in Whatcom County. This week: Fair Trade Haven.

What’s new: Fair Trade Haven sells fair-trade certified products, which means the workers who made them were paid a living wage and weren’t working in a sweatshop, owner Karin Porrini said.

Porrini partnered with Moka Joe to participate in the nationwide event Fair Trade Coffee Break on May 10, celebrating World Fair Trade Day. The local event, at the Village Green, gave attendees a chance to sample fair-trade certified coffee and other snacks like nuts, tea and chocolate. Porrini said events like that are important to boosting her company’s profile in the community, because she doesn’t do much advertising. (more…)

Student makes time for ‘coffee break’ touting fair trade

- Columbus Local News

Not satisfied with traditional coffee accoutrements such as cream and sugar, Reynoldsburg High School student Jessica Conroy takes her cup o’ joe with some social activism.

Conroy celebrated World Fair Trade Day Saturday, May 10, by holding an open house “coffee break” at her house. Guests could stop by, enjoy a cup of fair trade coffee and learn more about fair trade principles.

Her open house coffee break was one of hundreds of events held simultaneously all around the country at 3 p.m. that day, collectively making up “the world’s largest fair trade coffee break.” (more…)

World Fair Trade Day Cleans Up with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps


 On May 10th thousands of Fair Trade activists world wide played host to Fair Trade chocolate tastings, coffee breaks, speakers, festivals, and the first ever Fair Trade hand washing break as part of World Fair Trade Day. Here in the United States the Fair Trade Resource Network and Fair Trade Towns have teamed up to inspire Fair Trade work breaks from May 10 – May 18. As the first body care brand to go Fair Trade, Dr. Bronner’s is proud to be sponsoring World Fair Trade Day and to be highlighted in events across the nation. (more…)

The sweet taste of fair trade chocolate


Buying “fair trade” chocolate can help circumvent the food price spike and as well as helping the developing world farmers who grow the cocoa bean and live in absolute poverty.

Many Canadians consider chocolate bars to be a guilty pleasure. Peel back the foil wrapper, take a bite and savour the potent sweetness of chocolate. Breathe in the 400 distinct smells that emanate from the cocoa bean, chocolate’s key ingredient. A rose, in contrast, has only 14. But don’t think about how the cocoa was grown, or that chocolate might taste bittersweet. (more…)

A Better World Blooming This Mother’s Day: Fair Trade Certified(TM) Flowers Bring Joy to Mothers in Both U.S. and Developing World

- Sun Herald

This Mother’s Day, Fair Trade Certified(TM) flowers will not only bring joy to U.S. moms, but will also provide benefits for pregnant women and working mothers on flower farms in developing countries.

TransFair USA, the only independent, third-party certifier of Fair Trade Certified products in the United States, offers Fair Trade Certified flowers to the U.S. market. The flowers are available to consumers in time for Mother’s Day.

Newly available this year, Fair Trade Certified flowers — available at,,, and Whole Foods Markets (under the Whole Trade Guarantee label) — show that sometimes gift items can benefit the producer as well as the recipient. (more…)