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Steaz® EnergyTM Named BEST ENERGY DRINK of 2007 by BevNET


NEWTOWN, PA - Citing that Steaz used “exciting, next-generation formulations to put it at the front of the energy drink innovation pact,” BevNET announced that it has named Steaz® Energy as Best Energy Drink of 2007. The Best of 2007 Awards recognize the beverage industry’s best. For Steaz, the award is confirmation of the quick acceptance of Steaz® Energy™, the world’s first and only USDA certified organic and Fair Trade Certified™ energy drink, demonstrated by a year of rapid growth and expansion. Introduced just one year ago, Steaz® Energy is the #1 selling organic energy drink in America.

Given in recognition for the superior quality and innovation of Steaz® Energy™, BevNET noted that Steaz® Energy™ “stood out in a field that was, unfortunately, adulterated by knockoffs of market leaders’ products.” BevNET is a beverage-oriented media company operating a website that reviews non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink beverages and provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information about the beverage industry.

Based on the belief that popular energy drinks — full of high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives — had left out an entire category of consumers, Co-founders Eric Schnell and Steven Kessler created Steaz® Energy™ to address the energy needs of the natural consumer. Steaz® Energy™: Organic Fuel for the Mind, Body, and Soul is gives consumers the buzz they want — without all the bull. The boost in Steaz® Energy™ comes from four quality ingredients: organic Fair Trade Certified® Ceylon green tea, organic Guayaki yerba mate, organic Sambazon Acai, and organic Guarana. Steaz® Energy™ is now available in four flavors: Original Berry, and new Orange, Lime, and Diet Berry.

Steaz is also the maker of USDA certified organic and Fair Trade Certified™ Steaz® Sparkling Green Teas and Steaz® Diet Sparkling Green Teas. According to SPINSscan Natural, Steaz® is the #1 selling glass packaged organic soda brand based on dollar sales for the total U.S. Steaz® beverages are currently sold in the US in over 7,000 retail accounts in 40 states in retail outlets such as Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Wegmans and Shaw’s supermarkets. Additionally, Steaz has penetrated the Food Service and Military channels and is sold internationally in Canada, Australia, Mexico, India, South Africa, the Netherlands and the Middle East.

To learn more about Steaz®, visit www.steaz.com.


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