Monthly Archives: December 2007

Students advocate for fair-trade coffee at the U

- The Minnesota Daily

University of Minnesota —  Many students depend on coffee to keep themselves going through the late hours of studying, especially during finals.

Members of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group are targeting the administration to require food service providers to offer fair-trade coffee on campus.

Aramark, the current food service provider for the University, will have to renew their contract this spring.

About 1,500 students and 76 faculty members have already shown support to require Aramark, or whoever the next food service provider will be, to offer fair-trade coffee. (more…)

Make this Holiday Count: Aim for more, not less!

- Global Exchange Fair Trade Store Blog

Every year around this time, I put together an article to encourage holiday shoppers to do the right thing. “Don’t shop more, shop differently.” “Top ten socially conscious gift ideas.” “Less is more for the holidays.” These are the types of articles I’ve written. Well this year, I’m changing things up. I’m encouraging each person reading this to make this holiday about more, not less.

Of course I am not referring to you consuming more stuff this holiday. We have enough toxic toys and glossy wrapping paper. I’m talking about more trees, more clean air and water, and more children with access to an education. But this is a tall order, especially around the holidays when human consumption surges out of control and gift giving responsibilities leave consumers feeling trapped.

So how do we fill this order? (more…)

Profits with Purpose: Equal Exchange

- Fast Company

Equal Exchange is an unusual company — a worker-owned co-operative dedicated to Fair Trade — that has made a success of tilting against the windmills of market forces for the purpose of demonstrating that the viability of economic democracy, and the way your food reaches your plate, needn’t impoverish those who grew it. (more…)

Handmade gifts from Peru support fair trade

- Washington Square News

Whether making tote bags out of recycled telephone books or jewelry boxes out of dried fruit, there were many hands involved in this year’s Oxfam Holiday Gift Market.

On Dec. 1, Oxfam America at NYU and its co-sponsor, NYC Fair Trade Coalition, hosted their third annual Holiday Gift Market from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Judson Memorial Church. Ten Fair Trade vendors came together to sell handcrafted items from all over the globe. The support from clubs such as STAND, Amnesty International, F4NK, Humanus, ActionCourage and Child (Not) Soldier demonstrates NYU’s growing commitment and involvement in the fair trade movement.

“We’re trying to influence people’s thought process [and] make them realize that the choices they make have an effect on the international community,” said Molly Heyman, a School of Social Work junior and president of Oxfam America at NYU. “We’re using the holiday season, with its emphasis on shopping, and the underlying current of generosity to inspire people to rethink their consumption choices.” (more…)

Fair Trade at Hanukkah

- The Forward

As shopping and morality become further entwined — organic, locally made, recycled — choices in Judaica have not been left behind. In time for Hanukkah, Global Exchange has recently released a Fair Trade menorah, the only one of its kind on the market. (more…)