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Journalist doubts whether or not it is possible to be an ethical consumer

- Sunday Age (Melbourne, Australia)

Q: Can we ever be ethical consumers?

I BLAME Al Gore. In our house we have adopted a policy of one light on per room. We have tried to reduce greenhouse gases by going through cupboards, tossing out aerosols in an attempt to reduce household emissions.

But can we as consumers ever be completely ethical? (more…)


- US States News

Two Colorado State University faculty members have teamed up to explore the challenges and potential of realizing global fair trade. In their co-edited book, “Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization,” sociology professors Laura T. Raynolds and Douglas L. Murray (with third co-editor John Wilkinson of the Rural Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) examine efforts to enhance social justice and environmental sustainability on a global scale through market-based social change. (more…)

Seminar on Fair Trade and Opening of Fair Trade Outlet/Display Centre in Kashmir

- The Pakistan Newswire

Muzaffarabad May 16 – Islamic Relief will unveil the Benefits of Fair Trade for the communities living in Kashmir as part of celebration of World Fair Trade Day by organizing a Seminar on Fair Trade on May 17 in Muzaffarabad. (more…)

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Recognizes 2007 Fair Trade Day

- Targeted News Service

LOS ANGELES, CA – Governor Bill Richardson today recognized the importance of fair trade at an event with the Service Employees International Union – Long Term Workers Local 6434.

“Our next President must shape an economy in which everyone has access to the American dream” said Governor Richardson. “Our next President must be able to make our economy work for all of our working families, protect our good paying jobs here at home, and take action on health care.” (more…)

Fair Indigo To Donate 100% Of Store Sales On World Fair Trade Day

- PR Newswire US

MIDDLETON, Wis., May 4 /PRNewswire/ — To honor World Fair Trade Day on Saturday May 12th and support its theme “Kids Need Fair Trade”, fair trade clothing pioneer Fair Indigo will donate all sales that day in its Madison, Wisconsin flagship store to education: half to local Madison-area Parent- Teacher organizations and half to the Fair Indigo Foundation providing educational opportunities to children in the developing world. (more…)

Conscious Spending Proves Charitable

- Korea Times

When Hollywood blockbuster Blood Diamond hit theaters across the world, moviegoers were shocked to realize that the so-called diamond trade could mean grossly unfair exploitation of developing countries by their rich industrialized counterparts. Fiances probably suffered guilt trips when buying an engagement ring for their beloved.

But such “rape” of the South – parts of Africa, South America and Asia – may not be limited to trading precious stones. Some argue that daily commodities like coffee are involved, as third world producers are inadequately paid for their labor and produce. In reaction to “unfair trade,” a social movement dubbed “fair trade” has gained momentum worldwide. (more…)