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Fair Trade Product Certifier TransFair USA Partners with Whole Foods Market(R) to Help Launch Whole Trade(TM) Guarantee

- Business Wire

TransFair USA, the only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States, and Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq: WFMI), the world’s leading natural and organic foods supermarket, today announced the Whole Trade Guarantee – a new responsible buying program meant to ensure that certain products imported from the developing world have been sourced and produced ethically, sustainably and transparently. (more…)

World of Good Launches Fair Trade Wage Guide


When you buy a basket, pot, weaving or jewelry from an artisan in the emerging world, you are helping them earn a living, but are you paying them fairly for their work? While you can look for a TransFair Fair Trade Certified label on things like coffee, tea, chocolate, vanilla, fruit, sugar and rice, how do you know if the art and craftwork you are buying is Fair Trade? (more…)

Prof wonders what’s fair about Fair Trade?

- The Toronto Star

Gavin Fridell brings his own cup – emblazoned with the Trent University logo – when he goes to a coffee shop, chooses only Fair Trade coffee and comments on how he’s not doing enough to help poor farmers in developing countries.

“You can’t think that shopping is your ultimate political act,” he says in an interview at York University, where his book was launched last week. “You have to do more.” (more…)

Ten year old students convince their school to become a fair trade school

- The Guardian (London)

Education: Yes, we have fair bananas … and fair footballs, too: Headteachers who aren’t thinking about global trade issues in school may be shown up by their pupils

Clutching a sheaf of notes, Beth Greenwood, 10, and Phoebe Murray, 11, knock gingerly on the door of their headteacher’s office. After weeks of preparation, zigzagging between powwows in pink-walled bedrooms, the girls’ moment has arrived. They have been granted face-time. Their mission? To create a Fairtrade school. (more…)

Free Doesn’t Mean Unfair

- The Guardian (London)

Some dissenters claim that the fair trade movement is about do-gooders up to no good. They are wrong.

We may like to root for the underdog and champion the poor and oppressed, but woe betide the little man who manages to stand tall and not just walk, but run. The latest plucky outsider to get too big for its boots is the Fairtrade Foundation, which certifies fair-trade products. As it celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight, there are numerous reasons for it to be pleased. There are now over 1,500 Fairtrade products on sale in the UK, and sales are rising at about 40% a year. (more…)

How Fair Trade helped small community in northern Nicaragua: A community built on coffee

- The Gazette (Montreal)

LOS ALPES, Nicaragua – The two-room schoolhouse in Los Alpes, a small farming community in northern Nicaragua, is on a grassy hill surrounded by swaying banana trees.
On a regular morning, visitors can find about 80 young students seated at the desks inside, their faces turned to the whiteboard at the front of the room as a teacher presents the day’s lesson.

Five years ago, there was no school here and Los Alpes coffee farmers say that without the extra earnings they get from selling through a fair-trade co-op, this school wouldn’t exist. (more…)

Scotland as FT Nation? When Fairtrade falls foul; Executive should clarify its exclusion

- The Herald (Glasgow)

The Fairtrade Foundation aims to tackle the “injustice of low prices” by guaranteeing producers in the developing world a fair price. This effectively involves paying them an above-market price for their produce, provided they meet set labour and production standards. The premium is passed back to producers to spend on development programmes. Growing numbers of consumers support Fairtrade, both in concept and practice. According to a recent survey, one-third of British people buy Fairtrade foods when available, despite the generally higher prices. The endorsement of Fairtrade appears to be just as strong in Scotland. Indeed, Jack McConnell has stated his ambitions for this country to be a fair trade nation. (more…)